The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company

Wetshaving Starter Kit

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If you've wanted to try out wetshaving, but have been overwhelmed by the variety of options available to you, this kit makes it easy and affordable. Plus, like all of the products offered by The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company, this is 100% vegan. This is a complete set, with all you need to begin wetshaving. (You may wish to purchase a styptic pencil for dealing with nicks, but that's entirely optional.)

This kit includes:

1 -  4.5oz jar of Vegan Shaving Soap from The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company in your choice of scent and formula.

1 - Bai Li 3 piece DE safety razor (A good basic safety razor with a decent heft to it that offers a mild shave, which is good for beginners. NOTE: The blade that comes with the razor may not be optimal. You'll probably want to discard it and use the included Gillette or Feather blades instead.)

1- Synthetic shaving brush. (The synthetic bristles are dense and soft, and hold more than enough lather for a 3-pass shave.)

1 5-pack Gillette Silver Blue blades. (These blades are famous for being both sharp and smooth, and 5 blades will get you through your first month or so of shaving).

1 5-pack Feather blades (These are generally considered the sharpest razor blades on the market, which makes them among the sharpest blades of any sort obtainable (with the possible exception of obsidian blades used for eye surgery). They're my favorite double edged blade by a wide margin. NOTE: There is no difference between the yellow and black packaged Feather blades, aside from the color of the packaging.)